828 Announces Special Jersey Shore Promotion For Jimmy White, Featuring "She's Probably On The Parkway"

828 Nashville has announced that they will be running a special promotion targeting the Jersey Shore, showcasing the music of their New Jersey born star, Jimmy White. The promotion will center on one of Jimmy’s classic songs, which takes place at the Jersey Shore, “She’s Probably On The Parkway”, the “Parkway” being New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway, the road to the Jersey Shore.

The promotion will include TV, Radio and Billboards, with the goal of introducing more New Jersey residents to one of their own, one of the most prolific songwriters on the scene today. Steve Baker, President of 828, said ” We are hoping that this promotion will introduce more New Jersey and New York residents to the special gem that they have right in their own backyard, the incredible talent of Jimmy White, and his amazing body of work, featured on his website and on radio stations all over the United States.”

The promotion begins March 13th and will continue throughout the summer of 2017.

Listen to She’s Probably On The Parkway:

[mp3j track=”https://www.jimmywhitemusic.com/media/parkway.mp3″ title=”” fontsize=”30px” flip=”y”]

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