Award Winning AC / Pop artist Jimmy White Releases “Michaela” to AC, Latin and International radio

828 Records is proud to announce that award winning AC/Pop artist, Jimmy White has released, “Michaela” to AC, Latin and International Radio stations.

“Michaela” in the song is one of God’s angels whom everyone loves because she is loving and is always helping people, but she cannot ever be available or love just one person because she belongs to God and has been created to do God’s work. You can’t help but love her; after all, “angels are easy to love”.


Michaela by Jimmy White is the perfect song to brighten up your music playlist in 2016”  – New Music Weekly 


On how he wrote the song

“I became aware of the name “Michaela” back in the 80’s through someone I met and spoke with for just a few minutes and never saw again. I loved the name. “Michaela”. So I had this melody come in my head and it was just a few notes, the chorus where I sing “Oh Michaela”.

That was it, nothing else and that was all I had until 25 years later when I was shooting my video for my single, “Katy Did”. The makeup artist on the shoot was named “Michaela” and that reminded me of the song and I thought “I need to finish this song!” Then, out of nowhere, the verse melody came to me and it was perfect. So now I had a chorus and a verse melody, but no lyrics except “Oh Michaela”.

I begin thinking that “Michaela” is the feminine of “Michael” and then I thought of Michael, the Archangel in the Bible, and then I decided that “Michaela” was an angel, the feminine counterpart to Michael and I had my theme.”


About Jimmy White

In his impressive thirty year career, White has reached #1 more than a dozen times on the Independent AC Charts and five times on the National AC charts. White has also charted four times in the Billboard AC Top 40 and five times in the FMQB AC Top 10.


Twitter: @jimmywhitemusic