Jimmy White's “Change My Life” chosen for the soundtrack of Canadian Independent film “Aurelie Laflamme”, based on the very popular teenage book, TV and film series, released worldwide April 24.

Jimmy White’s first national No. 1 record, “Change My Life”, has been included in the soundtrack for the Canadian independent film release, “Aurelie Laflamme”, which was released to a worldwide audience on April 24. As befitting one of Jimmy’s most romantic songs, “Change” is featured in the film’s prom scene. “Aurelie Laflamme” is a very popular Canadian book, TV and film series and this represents a major milestone in Jimmy’s career as it is his first placement in a major motion picture. The song was placed by Jimmy’s agent Monique Roy at Regime Entertainment in Los Angeles. A great big “thank you!” to Monique and to the producers of “Aurelie Laflamme” for this wonderful opportunity. It is very much appreciated!