Award Winning AC/Pop Artist Jimmy White’s Music Video, Good Friends are Hard to Find, Breaks the 1 Million View Mark on YouTube

(Nashville, TN) Award winning AC/Pop artist Jimmy White’s music video, Good Friends are Hard to Find has been viewed over 1.35 million times in the past year! Two of his other videos, Katy Did and Forever and a Day have each been viewed over 575,000 times.

“Good Friends Are Hard to Find is a love song in the truest sense of the word.” White said. “I loved this animal, my cat Smoke, as much as I have ever loved anyone or anything in this life. To have the kind of validation that the video has received is proof to me that people understand what Smoke and I had because so many of them have felt this love for their pets themselves and the video affirms this, just as their response has been an affirmation to me. I am humbled and gratified and thrilled that this video has gone over 1,350,000 views, but the bottom line for me will always be my love for a cat named Smoke.

Jimmy wrote and recorded Good Friends Are Hard to Find as a song included on the Bands 4 Bella project, which benefits the Bella Moss Foundation. Paying tribute to his cat Smoke, White’s song is featured on the project to raise awareness of the dangers of medicine resistant staff infections in animals called MRSA infections.

White continues, “Good Friends Are Hard to Find was written when I knew I had just a little time left with my cat Smoke, who was fading with complications resulting from diabetes.  It was my ode to a friend who had been beside me through some tough times.”

When asked about the success of his videos Katy Did and Forever and a Day, White said, “These videos were the creation of my son, Joel Pfeiffer, and his crew in LA. To work with your son on a project like a music video is quite an emotional experience and one that fills a father with such pride. The movie-like quality of both of these videos and the stories they tell compares with anything on the market today and their combined total of over 1,000,000 views is a testament to that.”

White’s current CD release is a 26 song, double disc album titled Two Cities.  Recorded in both Buffalo, NY and Nashville, TN, Two Cities, as White describes, was a musical civil war when compiling the songs for the album. “Both great, both unique, but from two different planets,” explains White. “Buffalo is Northeast, gritty, in your face, simple and real, while Nashville is genteel, polite, polished and masterfully professional.”

Two Cities was released on 828 Records and is now available in stores, as well as on iTunes, Amazon and many other digital distributors.

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