"Good Friends are Hard to Find" video played over 103,500 times!

Congratulations to award winning AC artist, Jimmy White!  His video “Good Friends are Hard to Find” has been played over 103,500 times!  Watch his video here: http://youtu.be/ChioznP18Wk?hd=1

Good Friends Are Hard to Find was written when I knew I had just a little time left with my cat Smoke, who was fading with complications resulting from diabetes.” White stated. “It was my ode to a friend who had been beside me through some tough times.”

For this Jersey born entertainer, owning a cat was not his cup of tea, but he was forced to take in the small animal when his wife brought the kitten home in 1983.  Jimmy had always favored large dogs, but this pint sized friend quickly warmed his heart.  When his marriage dissolved, Smoke proved to be his only comrade who was with him 24-7.  When Smoke developed diabetes in ‘91, he relied on Jimmy to take care of him and it was a hard feat for Jimmy to watch something he loved so much fade slowly with each passing day.

“I lost him on September 24, 1995. He was in my arms, looking into my face. He wasn’t put to sleep, that wasn’t necessary. He wasn’t in pain. I brought him to my vet on a Sunday night, but they could do no more for him. They wanted me to leave him but, of course, that wasn’t happening. They finally relented and locked me in the hospital with him, just the two of us.

And I held him until he had to go.”

Good Friends are Hard to Find single is available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/good-friends-are-hard-to-find/id480197273