PLA Media Adds Critically Acclaimed AC/Country Entertainer & Active Animal Advocate Jimmy White to Its Award-Winning Roster

Jimmy White, a three time New Music Award winner and two time Independent Music Award winner, adds growing and experienced Nashville firm PLA Media to his team.  This Garden State native has planted firm roots in the music scene scoring two successful releases from his most recent project Two Cities on 828 Records.

“When we first heard Jimmy’s project, we were immediately engaged by his ability to capture us on his solo songs as well as the impeccable balance he displayed on songs he recorded with Nashville’s legendary vocalist Jonell Mosser,” says Pam Lewis, President of PLA Media.  “His concern and awareness efforts in the animal community also struck a note close to home as I have a farm full of four and two legged friends.”

Jimmy is currently at Country and AC radio with “Hard Ride”, his third release from his new 2 CD project, Two Cities. The single describes the classic battle between your wants and needs when he meets a woman that he thinks can finally mend his road worn heart.  Hard Ride is available on PlayMPE and CDX Vol#533 (October 10th Edition). Two Cities is a unique project that highlights 26 songs on two discs split evenly between tracks recorded in Nashville and those recorded in Buffalo, NY.    “Both great, both unique, but from two different planets,” describes Jimmy.  “Buffalo is northeast, gritty, in your face, simple and real.  Nashville is genteel, polite, polished and masterly professional.  When I put the songs together as a CD, it was a musical civil war. ”

Since 2006, Jimmy his had four #1 STS Main AC Chart singles, 12 #1 Independent AC and 3 #1 Independent Country singles in a row.  He’s also had 3 Billboard AC Top 50 singles and 4 FMQB AC Top 10 singles in a row.

Independent of this project, Jimmy also recorded a song and wrapped a video for Good Friends Are Hard to Find. Not your typical subject, as the song’s focus is on the unconditional friendship that you find in a pet.  The inspiration for this song resides in his four legged companion of the 80s and early 90s, a cat named Smoke.  It was quite an extension for Jimmy to embrace a cat that his wife brought home at first as he was a big dog guy.  Smoke quickly grew on him and would stay with him as his only companion after his marriage dissolved. The video can be viewed at