Animal Advocate and AC/Country Entertainer Jimmy White Finds Good Friends on the Bands 4 Bella CD

Jimmy White proves to be the purr-fect fit for the Band 4 Bella project benefiting the Bella Moss Foundation.  Good Friends Are Hard to Find, a single paying homage to his treasured companion Smoke, is featured on the first volume of their fund raising CD to bring awareness for the Bella Moss Foundation’s unwavering efforts to educate, prevent and treat MRSA.

“When Jill Moss, founder of the Bella Moss Foundation, reached out to me to be a part of the Bands 4 Bella CD, I immediately had two thoughts,” recalls Jimmy. “First, yes! Without any hesitation, I was more than welcome to be a part of their efforts.  Second, I immediately knew which track I wanted featured on the album.  Good Friends Are Hard to Find was written when I knew I had just a little time left with my cat Smoke, who was fading with complications resulting from diabetes.  It was my ode to a friend who had been beside me through some tough times.”

For this Jersey born entertainer, owning a cat was not his cup of tea, but he was forced to take in the small animal when his wife brought the kitten home in 1983.  Jimmy had always favored large dogs, but this pint sized friend quickly warmed his heart.  When his marriage dissolved, Smoke proved to be his only comrade who was with him 24-7.  When Smoke developed diabetes in 91, he relied on Jimmy to take care of him and it was a hard feat for Jimmy to watch something he loved so much fade slowly with each passing day.  The full story is available at  The video for Good Friends Are Hard to Find is available at

Jimmy is currently at Country and AC radio with “Hard Ride”, his third release from his new 2 CD project, Two Cities. The single describes the classic battle between your wants and needs when he meets a woman that he thinks can finally mend his road worn heart.  Hard Ride is available on PlayMPE and CDX Vol#533 (October 10th Edition). Two Cities is a unique project on 828 Records that highlights 26 songs on two discs split evenly between tracks recorded in Nashville and those recorded in Buffalo, NY.  Jimmy’s accolades on the music scene include three New Music Awards and two Independent Music Awards, where he was consecutively selected as “Best Male Artist” in 2009 and 2010. To stay updated on Jimmy, visit or on Facebook and Twitter at JimmyWhiteMusic.

Bands 4 Bella is a benefit CD featuring 17 recording artists from the Buffalo, New York area. The artists each contributed a song as a gift for donating to the Bella Moss Foundation. The foundation has helped to save hundreds of animals with early detection of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a strain of staph bacteria that does not respond to some antibiotics that are commonly used to treat staph infections. For more information, visit