Just in time for Father’s Day!

Jimmy White really delivers the goods on his new Ballad “Dad”. Opening with a nice piano figure, “Dad” has a very sentimental reflection on his father, and it is one with which most of us will be able to identify. With lyrics like “No one stronger, no one wiser,” Jimmy’s vocals are so full of emotion that at times it seems as if he’s about to break down as he sings the song. This is a beautiful track with full strings sweetening the mix, and the lingering piano figure on the end reminds me very much of “Dream of the Return,” by Pat Metheny and Pedro Aznar. White’s timing of release is brilliant, and so is this production. The electric guitar has a bright tone, but it’s not abrasive. “Dad” will touch many people who love their fathers and even some who don’t. It’s the perfect song and gift for Father’s Day.