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My Mom Joined The Circus: Lyrics


Even in the early morning
Here she comes, without warning
Looking like an angel sent from somewhere
With a beauty she cannot hide
There on both the in and outside
And with a glance
She can lay my soul bare

Oh Michaela
Sent from heaven above
My Michaela
Angels are easy to love
People look for heaven somewhere
Deep beyond the skies
But Michaela
Has mine,
In her eyes

She cannot belong to any
Though she is longed for by many
An angel must do the work
From above
Even though she can’t choose me
There’s no way she’ll ever lose me
She is the perfect face
Of my love


Beautiful Michaela
Is how I say her name
The song that plays for her
In my heart
Always sounds the same
And it always says…….
Are easy
To love


Give The World

You can lead a life of quiet desperation
Or you can reach for something more than what you know
We all need a source of inspiration
When you’ve gone lower than you’d ever thought you’d go
To get you through the night
To keep you in the fight
And when you do, one day you
Will be
Someone else’s light

Give the world
Something to, look up to …
Hang on to
Give the world
Something to, inspire …
Aspire to
Cause what you give the world
Comes back to you

 The fastest runner seldom wins the races
The biggest heart prevails in the end
God holds the trusting spirit in His graces
Battered by a storm but does not bend
And the faith that you show
Is the distance that you’ll go
And all that you can give
Is all you need to know


I’m not talking money
I’m not talking fame
Never play that game
Just be true to what you know
Hold on tight and don’t let go
Those who do
Are the ones who …

Give the world
Something to look up to.


My My Maria

All around the island, I have made myself
I never had the space for, anyone else
But floating to me gently, Maria came to shore
And I found this island had room
For just one more
Now I say

My my, my my Maria
Dancing to the music, I
Never thought, anyone else could hear
My my, my my Maria
I can, hardly believe it’s true
My my, my my Maria
Can you?

Helpless or so happy, neither could I be
They weren’t words you’d ever apply to me
But then, nothing on this island
Will ever be the same
Like every time the earth moves
When I say her name
When I say


I’d have never known this wonder
Here in my own world
The joy and love that I could find
From just one girl
Like you


Oh my Maria


“Different Part Of Town”               

Ain’t no need, to get so sentimental
Love’s never been a purchase, no
It’s way more like a rental
Movin’ in and movin’ out, don’t put nothin’ down
The grass is always greener
In a different part of town
Each place has a different view
The street a different name
But the longer that you live there
They begin to look the same
Falling into disrepair
You start thinkin’ with a frown
I’ll find myself a better place
In a different part of town

That one’s newer, a nicer lot
Its everything that this one’s not
A better kitchen, a much bigger garage
But after you move in, you see
It was all just a mirage

There always seems, to be another open
That’s everything your hopes and dreams
Have always been hopin’
But in your heart it’s the same street
You’re always headin’ down
So it’s always just yourself you meet
The part that’s always incomplete
Its always just myself I meet
In a different part of town


Two Beers Better

Well she came into the bar and I tell you
She was lookin kinda rough
Her friends were tryin to sell her
But words weren’t gonna be enough
And I think they saw the answer was clear
And so they started buyin’ us rounds of beer
The first one tasted great
And so did the next few that I had
And then I saw her look my way
And now you know she didn’t look that bad
Her friends saw there was something in play
And brought her over to me right away

Cause when I start drinkin’ under the neon glow
Then I stop thinkin’ and the feelings start to flow
At first she had me blinkin’
But now I just don’t know
She’s lookin two beers better
Than she looked two beers ago

Well I asked her to dance
And she smiled and she took me to the floor
Then she put her arms around me
I was never held like that before
And then I felt the room starting to spin
I didn’t realize the trouble I was in


Well I remember a plane later that night
I’d never been to Vegas so it seemed all right
When I woke up I got the shock of my life
I asked “Baby, who are you?”
She said “I’m your wife”


Well that was 20 years ago and you know
We’ve never been apart
She got so good looking once I saw
The beauty in her heart
Then one night in front of the TV
I asked her “Baby when we met,
What did you think of me?”
And she said

CHORUS (same lyrics, but from her point of view)


The Best Thing For Me

The kids will come by me this year for Christmas Eve
And if you're at our old friends’ party
I'll come after you leave
No more naggin' about my chores
Waitin' for you at some antique store
No more watching your shows on TV
I don't know about you
But this has sure been
The best thing for me

I'll take the kids to Disney World and we'll still have a blast
And I'll move to another place
Where I won't  have to see our past
I'll do what I like when I care to
Don't have to hear how I don't compare to
Some better way that I ain't, but ought to be
I don't know about you,
But this has sure been
The best thing for me

I know I must be happy,
But I can't see it on my face
An omelette's made by breaking eggs
There's broken eggs,
All over this place

I still miss your laughter, but that will surely pass
But why when I pour my wine
Do I still set a second glass?
Anger feels so justified
Leaving love and loving pride
My daughter's tears
Did I pretend I didn't see?
Now I don't know about you,
But this has sure been the best thing
I don't know about you,
But this has sure been the best thing

Can I convince myself…
That losing you, was
The best thing for me


Daddy Looked Good


All Loved Up and Nowhere To Go

Oh this love is like a strong rope
Ties me to you with nothin’ but hope
That this won’t be a love unrequited
Can’t you see the sparks you’ve ignited
I’m waitin’ for you
So helplessly
C’mon girl
Have mercy on me
I’m in too deep
And I can’t break free

Cause I’m all loved up with nowhere to go
You hold all the cards I know
There’s no felling quite so low
Like being all loved up
With nowhere to go

The stronger I love the weaker I get
And you’re lovin’ every minute I bet
I’ve given all the power to you
And you know there’s nothin’ I can do
But wait for you
So helplessly
C’mon girl
Have mercy on me
I’m in too deep
And I can’t break free


The harder I try: The softer my heart grows
You give a little less: Each time my love shows
I made a mistake:  When I put you above me
Now I’m all loved up
But you’re not here to love me



Miserable Man

The good that I want to
Is never what I do
The mind is willing but the flesh is weak
The bad that I’m hating
The lion there waiting
Between where I am and what I seek

And my heart it longs
To find Your salvation
But all my desires
They don’t give a damn
Oh Lord can you help
The miserable man
That I am

I feel you reach me
Reprove and teach me
Why do you listen, why do you care
You always protect me
Never neglect me
And I know you hear every prayer


And I’d like to try,
Could I take this world
And just say goodbye
We can die to live
Or we can live to die
And I’d like to try …  could I?
Is there more?
Than this dying world
I’ve been living for
Oh the light that shines
Through the narrow door

Is the one that I’ve been… looking for
Looking for



No Goodbyes

Still in a storm
I can feel your arms around me
Though you are gone to my eyes
Still I am warm
Like the sun itself had found me
In the darkness of pain
Chasing the rain

And though you are gone
Here you live
In this heart that carries on
In this place
Where love never dies
There are
No goodbyes

Always your best
Was all you ever gave me
You taught me the way to love
Fighting this pain
With just a memory to save me
But I do not bow
‘Cause you taught me how


Now, when I need you
I will have to look inside
Somehow, I know I’ll see you
With that smile in your eyes
Telling me
That true love never dies
True love never dies

True love never dies
Between you and me
There are no goodbyes


My Mom Joined The Circus

My dad sat in his chair and picked another winner
As he yelled out to my Mom to go and fix him dinner
And I saw it in her eyes, like the dying of a light
And while we all were sleeping, she snuck out that night
The police they couldn’t find her, she’d somehow disappeared
In my imagination it was the worst I feared
But then I saw the poster of the girl who swallowed fire
Who’d have thought that for this job
It was my mom they’d hire

Some they love the thrills
Some just gotta pay the bills
And others have a life they need to flee
My Mom joined the circus
Now I get in for free

My mom she was a good wife, she always loved my dad
But playing second fiddle was all she ever had
And you’d think to swallow fire, my mom would surely break
But after living with my dad so long
It was a piece of cake


She’s turned into a bona fide, “bring down the tent” crowd pleaser
While my dad and I stare helplessly at the chicken in the freezer
I look up to her now like I never thought I would
She’s taught me I can do things
I never thought I could
Thank you Mom
You’re the bomb

CHORUS  - breakdown

My Mom joined the circus
Now I get in for free
Thank you, my Mom.