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Two Cities: Lyrics



Met her in a sleazy club, much too late one night
She was dancing to a song, underneath a flashing light
Well that’s about all that I remember, seems it’s more like I can’t forget
Cause she took me home, and she took me down
And I ain’t got over it yet

Oh of anyone who loved me
No one ever done it
Like Katy did
Oh of anyone who loved me
No one ever done it
Like Katy did
Not like Katy did
Sure not like Katy did

You think there’s certain places you find a lover
And then there’s certain places you don’t
So I never gave her a second thought
She said “don’t bother”, I said “I won’t”
Well I don’t feel quite so above her now
But she’s gone, so what can I do
Others come-others go
But Katy they don’t do it like you


Not like Katy did
Some old words I keep hearing in my mind
Not like Katy did
After every new love that I find
Not like Katy did
The hottest lovers leave me cold
Sure not like Katy did




JUST WHAT I NEED (with Jonell Mosser)

You came, when I
Was so low I really
Didn’t, think I’d
Last another day
But you, took me,
Out of my depression
And showed me a much better way

Loving you is where I wanna be
The best thing that ever happened to me
Was when she left and made room for you
Oh its plain to see
You’re just what I need

It’s not, that you’re
Just a substitution
Cause no one has ever
Made me feel this good
But if I had
Never hit the bottom
Then I’d never know that you could


(You’re just what I…)
Need to be strong,
What I need to get by
What I need here beside me
‘Til the day that I die


Oh it’s plain to see, you’re just what I…    (3)
You’re just what I need




Ooh baby you look so good
Just like a model from Hollywood
Picture perfect
With a guarantee
To make a first class fool out of me

My heart’s been takin’
A hard ride
Nobody can see on the inside
There’s only one thing
That I ain’t tried
And that’s being alone
That’s being alone

You’re the same solution
That I’ve used before
The latest, greatest
Gonna give me more
But every savior, I must confess
Has cost me more
And loved me less


BRIDGE:   I’m feeling my heart
Grow cold and still
As all of my fears
Overwhelm my will
I think that you could be
The one for me
But do I have the energy?
Is it still inside of me?
‘Cause my heart’s been takin’
A hard ride

CHORUS 3 and Fade




I wanna make your morning coffee
Even learn to scramble eggs
And cut my face because you used
My razor on your legs
And tell the cop who wants me to move
I’m just waiting for my wife
I want you to write
The story of my life

I want to get you girlie stuff
Embarrassed at the store
And take you on a date
And wait for you and hold the door
And when the guys say lets go out I’ll say
Let me check it with my wife
I want you to write
The story of my life

I’ve been looking all my life
Always on my own
But in your eyes I’ve found the only
Truth I’ve ever known
Everything I’ve ever wanted
Is right there in your smile
Without you I’m an inch
But with you I’m a mile

I want to hold your hand at night
Walking down the street
And kiss you when I want to
And sweep you off your feet
And when they ask, where’s the couch go?
I’ll say you’ll have to ask my wife
I want you to write
The story of my life



IF I STAYED (with Jonell Mosser)

I know you’re happy, when I’m away
In the illusion that you’re free
I know my love, just how you feel
‘Cause it’s the same way for me
The trust is gone and we can’t talk
Despite the countless times I’ve prayed
Now the pain of leaving
Is less than
If I stayed

There were once, so many good times
They overwhelmed the bad
But somewhere, somehow the balance changed
Into tears over what we had
The smile’s gone, into a frown
And I’ve got nothing left to trade
Now the pain of leaving is less than
If I stayed

Who knows, where love goes
Can you name the time, or the place?
And I would swear
That I don’t care
But then why are these tears
Upon my face?

In the heartache, I see a ghost
Another life too late to save
And so I write this, for the love that once lived
Like putting flowers on a grave
You look like someone I used to know
Who shared a promise we betrayed
Once the pain of leaving
Was less than
If I stayed




There’s a beast that stalks the jungle
Born of a demon seed
It wants to kill you slowly
Laughing while you bleed
There’s a beast that roams the jungle
Vengeance is its game
You may have heard of this fearsome beast
It goes by the name
Tyrannosaurus Ex

It will use the children
Anything to ruin your life
It may be your ex husband
It may be your ex wife
It will go to heinous lengths
Like you’ve never seen
And once its favorite color
May have been blue
But baby now its green
Tyrannosaurus Ex

There’s a beast that roams the jungle
I hope you’re not its prey
‘cause whatever your orientation was
It’ll make you go the other way
There’s a beast that stalks the jungle
Vengeance is its game
You may have heard of this fearsome beast
It goes by the name
Tyrannosaurus Ex



Johnny Rivers / Lou Adler

How can you tell me how much you miss me
When the last time I saw you, you wouldn't even kiss me
That rich guy you've been seein'
Must have put you down
So welcome back baby
To the poor side of town
To him, you were nothing but a play thing
Not much more than an overnight fling
To me you were the greatest thing this boy had ever found
And girl it's hard to find nice things
On the poor side of town
To him you were nothin' but a little plaything
I can't blame you for tryin'
I'm tryin' to make it too
I've got one little hang up baby
I just can't make it without you
So tell me, are you gonna stay now
Will you stand by me girl all the way now
With you by my side
They can't keep us down
Together we can make it baby
From the poor side of town
(So tell me how much you love me)
(Come be near to me and say you need me now)
Oh, with you by my side
This world can't keep us down
Together we can make it baby
From the poor side of town
Do-doo-doo-wah shoo-be-doo-be
Do-doo-doo-wah shoo-be-doo-be
Do-doo-doo-wah shoo-be-doo-be




We all make mistakes from time to time
Everybody’s human and it ain’t no crime
Just pick yourself up, no matter how you feel
Forget about it baby
It ain’t no big deal

When you’re on the top it’s a fantasy
You’ll soon be on the bottom, take it from me
Life is always neutral, and that’s always real
So forget about it baby
It ain’t no big deal

BR:  Pain is an illusion too
It wants to drain the life out of you
But if you stay with it you’ll make it through
And you’ll see, you’re free

Failure and success are the same old storm
You can rise above it if you don't conform
Their opinions are nothing, only facts are real
So forget about it baby
It ain’t no big deal

Repeat Bridge and Verse




We all meet stormy weather
And we are all, in this life together
Everyone can come to the dance
Everyone deserves to have a chance
She was a person who fought to the end
A daughter sister mother wife and devoted friend
There wasn’t anything ,  Amy wouldn’t give
She would have wanted you, to have a chance to live

So come all, and so come one
For every battle lost, there’s a war yet to be won
Her spirit lives, so very near
In the heart of forever
She’s still here

In the name of love, the heart breaks
In the name of life, for all our sakes
We share and we care
We fight what’s so unfair
Stealing  heaven from the grasp of hell
Your offered hand
Lifts yourself as well


Love, live, fight, give,  speak , hear
In the tenderness  of  fingertips
That  brush away a tear
In the heart of forever, she’s still here




Don’t want to be respected, don’t want to be adored
Just want you to love me baby, I don’t want to be ignored
I just want you to grab me, by the collar good and tight
And tell me I belong to you, forever every day, and every night

I just want to be your wreckreation
Your one endless infatuation
Your latest greatest last temptation
I just want to be your wreckreation

I’ve been made an idol, the big star of the show
And I’ve been made the devil, the lowest of the low
I don’t want to be a symbol, cause that’s a worthless test
I just want to be wrapped inside
Your arms and legs, with my face against your breast


Don’t have to get, all dressed up
I love it when you look, all messed up
I just want to be inside, your private special place
With your mangled tangled hair
Falling in my face

You can take me when you want to, or you can let me go
I can’t make a move on you, until I really know
I want you and I need you, but I must be needed too
Wrap yourself around me baby,
And I’ll wrap it around you





The heart it demands
It’s answers supplied
But desires, by nature, can’t be satisfied
The women I loved, the money I made
Were not legal tender
For the price that had to be paid

And if I just had that, that, that, that, that and that
Then I’d be secure
I never was right
I was never once right
But I always was sure
I took and took, until I saw
Then ruefully, I grinned
In the end I had nothing at all
In the end
I had nothing
I was just chasing the wind

I searched for myself
In face after face
Finishing first,
But in the wrong race
Forcing myself to chase every desire
Trying to get warm
From a photograph of a fire


Thousands of years of lives started and ended
Thousands of tears in battles so fiercely defended
Unfair despair and pride
All from the hands of fate
Judgment will come
When we total the sum
Of the love we create





Time, trains passing by, in the blink of an eye
I’m left grasping at air
I’d walk a million hard miles, to see one of your smiles
And lay my soul bare

I lay me down at night to pray
In a dream that cannot stay
I see your face so far away
In a midnight prayer

Lost, in a cloud drifting on, in a moment it’s gone
Stlll I’m in the same place
Trains, from the stations they go, mine’s the wrong one I know
Cause I can’t see your face


Reaching for what I have missed
Lips that I have never kissed
I do not care for open doors
Unless this one,
Unless this one is yours

I lay me down at night to pray
Another midnight prayer




We’re all immersed in evaluation
Careful and fearful investigation
Sounds a lot like constipation
Can’t anyone just love?
2000 questions on Eharmony
True love as easy, as getting a degree
But the mind can’t know a truth that just the heart can see
And nothing fits just like a glove
Sure as hell not love

I wanna go back to the place I was before
When love was all that mattered
And hope was at calling at the door
I wanna go back, with a brand new start
When life was an adventure
And love was
All about the heart

How much do I have, how much do I make
How long can I eat it and still have the cake
How long ‘til I realize that I’ve become a fake
I hope its not too late
I am powerful until I finally die
I am confident until I ask but why
I am full of it, until I finally just cry
When I realize my state
Is what I used to hate


Something to eat, a roof over my head
A friend who finds me drunk
And throws me into bed
Needs are simple, yet we choose
The slavery of wants
Man proposes, God disposes
And waits for us to see
With such nonchalance



Darkness with the light
Blindness with the sight
Wrongness with the right
Disabling my will to action
Sadness from the wasted
Precious moments tasted
Copied cut and pasted,
Aching for some satisfaction

And I hear the siren calling
All my defenses stalling
And my fear
That keeps me falling
So far
So far behind

Hands offered seeming nice
But once I took it twice
I had to pay the price
A blank check on all that I owned
Love comes seeming real
But it’s not what I feel
It’s just part of a deal,
Where I can’t pay back
What I was loaned


BR:  Is it forever, feeling my feet
Stuck in a past amassed
Of concrete?
Do I have the strength,
Do I have the time
Or am I just the victim
Of the perfect crime
The perfect crime
Now I’m…
So far behind

So, so far
So far behind




In this world, could I find
Something I won’t leave behind
Just one thing, I know is true
It turned my life around
The love I found
In you

Forever and a day
These are not words I ever thought I’d say
Forever and a day
I never thought that I could feel this way       (Chorus 1 ends here)
Forever and a little more
In just one moment I was sure
And here with you is where I’ll stay
For all my life
Forever and a day

In my mind, the best laid plans
Have always crumbled in my hands
All my dreams, turned to dust
Until I found in you
The one thing I could trust

CHORUS (Double Chorus)

BRIDGE:   I know
You can’t see
The love
The love inside of me
I know
It must seem
A little bit extreme
But so is every dream




Almost every moment,
A starving person dies
In the midst of our abundance
Do we even realize?
I am among the guilty
I could do so much more
And so I make this pledge today
Of what I’m living for

I wish you peace, I wish you love
I wish you blessings from above
We can try to make this world a kinder place
There is a lot that we can do
If we make our minds up to
All the loss and tears and pain
That seek release
I wish you peace

We don’t need a miracle
Or a magic wand
One step forward gets you help
Power from beyond
God will always help us,
Relieve our brother’s pain
He helps us build a rainbow
From our brother’s rain


I don’t have the answers
For those I look above
But every time I ask, I hear
Its love
It all leads back to love

I wish you peace




I’ve got a fever
I’ve got a chill
I’ve got a woman
Who’s breakin’ down my will
She’s on the wrong path
And I’m too close behind
She’s so deep inside my skin
And I’m way out of my mind

I’m tryin’ to fight,
I’m doin’ the best I can
But she’s some kind of
I’m just a man

Can’t get a handle,
Can’t get a grip
I’m a train about to derail
A quickly sinking ship
Ain’t got no money
I’m down to my last friend
What used to taste like honey
Has now come to a bitter end


I’m bound to lose
Ain’t gonna win
I’m hangin’ by a rope
That’s wearin’ mighty thin
It’s too late for me man
This cannot be undone
But if you ever meet a goddess, brother
Turn around and run





The kindest eyes I’ve ever seen,
The sweetest smile I’ve ever known
Your love is never in between
And as long as you’re around
I’ll never want to be alone
I can’t believe I found you there
A diamond in the rough of life
And now you’re with me everywhere
And I’m so glad to say
That you’re my wife

Angel eyes
Don’t ever look away
Cause I’ve never been as happy
As I am with you today
Here’s a man,
Who will love you ‘til he dies
It’ll always be
You and me
Angel eyes

All my life
I’ve waited for this day
I always knew the words,
But the music wouldn’t play
And now it seems,
That everything I see
Is glowing with the magic
That your love brings to me


All my life
I’ve waited for this day
Angel eyes




Long ago and far away, when I got on my knees to pray
You told me that it was only air
You knew I didn’t have a clue, I couldn’t get a bead on you
You positively said, He wasn’t there
And at first I couldn’t tell, but then I saw so well
I was fallen out of heaven, into hell

I had to brake the fall, turn this round
Get my feet planted on the ground
I had to brake the fall
And break my ties to you

Looked to the moon, looked to the sun
Into the soul of everyone, I couldn’t find the thing you took away
You promised love but you gave me hate
And left me to a bitter fate
And stuck me with a bill I couldn’t pay
And I almost took a dive, but God kept me alive
And I saw there was only one way to survive


And I almost took a dive, but God kept me alive
And I saw there was only one way to survive





I only call you when I’m drunk
That’s why I call you every night
I only call you when I’m lit
Is it only then I see the light?
Am I braver when I’m drunk
Are you cuter when I drink
Am I dumber when I’m sober?
These are the stupid things I think

Maybe I’m a modern man
Just too cool to be involved
But the wine dissolves my defenses
And unleashes longings unresolved

Do you only answer when you’re drunk?
Oh, do you have longings too?
I only call you when I’m drunk
That’s my compliment to you

Does the wine make it really me
Does the beer make it really you
Does the mode of transportation matter
If the destination’s true?

I only call you when I’m drunk
You only answer when you are too
Do we only love when we’re both drunk?
I don’t know,
I hope you do




Every choice, every word, every promise broken
Every kindness, every deed, never ever done
Every truth, every lie, every sentence spoken
Every battle lost, every battle won
Every love, every hate, every vow forever
Every pettiness and judgement, harsh or fair
All remembered in a place, you can sell it
You can keep it, you can save it, if you care

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Is there someone here at all?
Mirror, mirror can you see
The soul I’ve left inside of me
(Mirror, mirror can you see)
The soul I’ve left inside of me
(Mirror, mirror look at me)

Every day, every year, each and every minute
Every second ever silent as they come and go
We can fill it, we can thrill it, we can still it
We can kill it
And never know


In the tears or the laughter
And of all that comes after
All that really matters
Is the mirror on your wall





The first time I saw you there
I couldn’t help but stop and stare
My heart would know you anywhere
And follow you
Although we hadn’t spoken yet
I loved you long before we met
And the dream that I could not forget
Had just come true

You were where I had to be
You were all my eyes could see
I couldn’t even think
But still I knew
My heart in its heart always had
It’s heart set on you

So tired from the race I’ve run,
But now I know I’ve finally won
Like a flower aching for the sun,
That just broke through


Pain can be a mirror to the soul
And diamonds come from pressure on
What was once
An ugly piece of coal




We met kinda late
But you were worth the wait
Cause I was so cold
All alone in the storm
But now I’m warm

In the sunshine
Of the love that’s now mine
Your smile was the light
That led me out of the storm
And now I’m warm

The years that went
And the tears I spent
Have faded to a memory,
I can barely form
‘Cause now I’m warm

CHORUS (double chorus)

BRIDGE:    Warmer than the warmest sun
I’ve ever felt before
You’re the rainbow from
A wicked, endless storm
Where a cloud can’t form
Cause now I’m warm

CHORUS (double chorus and fade)



Cat Stevens


It's not time to make a change,
Just relax, take it easy.
You're still young, that's your fault,
There's so much you have to know.
Find a girl, settle down,
If you want you can marry.
Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy.

I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy,
To be calm when you've found something going on.
But take your time, think a lot,
Why, think of everything you've got.
For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.

How can I try to explain, when I do he turns away again.
It's always been the same, same old story.
From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen.
Now there's a way and I know that I have to go away.
I know I have to go.

It's not time to make a change,
Just sit down, take it slowly.
You're still young, that's your fault,
There's so much you have to go through.
Find a girl, settle down,
If you want you can marry.
Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy.
(Son-- Away Away Away, I know I have to
Make this decision alone - no)

All the times that I cried, keeping all the things I knew inside,
It's hard, but it's harder to ignore it.
If they were right, I'd agree, but it's them They know not me.
Now there's a way and I know that I have to go away.
I know I have to go.
(Father-- Stay Stay Stay, Why must you go and
Make this decision alone?)




You taught me right from wrong
And in my heart, I hear your song
So many things, you taught me how to do
And there’s a little boy in me
Who still wants to be like you

And there’s no man stronger
No one wiser
The only hero I’ve ever had
And the proudest I’ve done
Is just being the son
Of the man that I call

The bravest man I’ve ever known
You taught me how to stand alone
And in your kindness, I’ve seen you give and give
It taught me how to love
And it taught me, how to live


You always see the good side, life never gets you down
It’s hard to be unhappy, whenever you’re around
If I could have just one thing
I know what that would be
That the way I lived my life
Had made you proud
Of me


OUTRO, “Dad’s” theme

CHORUS (Double Chorus and vamp outro)




I cursed, I prayed
I tried to go, but stayed
I tried to show it
Who was boss
Ah but in the end
I could not defend
Against the loss
Against the loss

I tried, I cried
I felt like I almost died
There was a line
I wouldn’t cross
So I grit my teeth
And was crushed beneath
Helpless against the loss
Against the loss

Every failure is a promise
Of the final time
Our victories cannot save us
From the final crime
It strips us of our dignity
It strips us of our pride
People look with sympathy
At the one who died

I yelled, I screamed
I groped and hoped and dreamed
And begged to be excused at any cost
But it’s all sour grapes
“Cause none of us escapes
From the loss
From the loss